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  • Gratinated goat cheese with honey

    45 zł
    balsamic vinegar and toast, served on a beetroot carpaccio
  • Octopus

    64 zł
    with garlic and parsley sauce, served with crispy baguette
  • Panko breaded rabbit croquettes

    44 zł
    with a dijon sauce
  • Provansal style snails

    56 zł
    with garlic butter
  • Raraka

    86 zł
    salmon caviar, sour cream and red onions served on a bed of grated potatoes
  • S.O.S

    41 zł
    Three kinds of marinated herring Swedish style
  • Smoked beef tartare

    49 zł
    served with pickled pearl onion, gherkins and wholegrain mustard


  • Papardelle

    54 zł
    with homemade pesto and green beans
  • Butterfried fennel with goat cheese foam

    56 zł
    with pineapple chutney and truffles


  • Rabbit in provansal herbs

    88 zł
    with garlic served with potato gniocchi
  • Plankstek

    122 zł
    beef sirloin served on a oak plank with grilled tomato, pommes duchesse, string beans wrapped in bacon and a béarnaise sauce
  • Leg of lamb

    96 zł
    served with potato casserole and chèvre sauce
  • Duck breast

    88 zł
    served with pumpkin purée, potato-spinach croquettes with parmesan and red wine sauce
  • Chopped beef sirloin

    96 zł
    with porcini mushrooms sauce and tagliatelle served in kettles
  • Cheeseburger Szara

    63 zł
    with bacon, cheddar cheese and french fries
  • Aged entrecote

    155 zł
    served with green pepper sauce, half-moon potato and bacon with portobello mushrooms


  • Small fish soup a la Bouillabaisse

    44 zł
    served with harissa and aioli
  • Mushroom soup with ravioli

    42 zł
  • Fish soup a la Bouillabaisse

    64 zł
    served with harissa and aioli


  • Caesar salad

    46 zł
    with grilled chicken, parmesan, bacon and garlic croutons
  • Caesar salad with grilled beef sirloin

    49 zł
    parmesan, bacon and garlic croutons
  • Salad „Szara”

    48 zł
    with macerated salmon, eggs and shrimps, served with thousand island dressing

Sorry, no menu items matched your criteria.


  • Grilled salmon served on an oak plank

    97 zł
    with pommes duchesse, grilled asparagus and hollandaise sauce
  • Halibut fillet

    86 zł
    served with saffron ratatouille and boiled potatoes
  • Pike perch

    86 zł
    served with buttery potato purée, sugar snap peas and lemon peel
  • Tagliatelle pasta with black mussels and chorizo

    76 zł


  • „Semla”

    38 zł
    with vanilla chantilly cream and passion fruit
  • Cheesecake

    38 zł
    with raspberry sauce
  • Chocolate cake

    38 zł
    with blackberry and coffee sauce
  • Chocolate mousse

    38 zł
    on chocolate sponge cake with orange and mint sauce
  • Crème brulee

    38 zł
    with apple whiskey